The National Pastime–Get Out and Vote

Nov 2nd, 2010 in Music

The National provide the perfect soundtrack to vote by; so listen in and get out!!

Whether exhorting in Mr. November, or semaphoring fan-democracy in the “Alternative Take” below of Terrible Love, or lamenting a political campaign and vote  (of sorts) wasted in Vanderlyle Cry Baby (one possible interpretation),  the care and encouragement is all there.

So get out and vote today.  No excuses.

Mr. November

“I used to be carried in the arms of cheerleaders…I’m Mr. November”

Terrible Love–Alternative Take

“It takes an ocean not to break!”

Vanderlyle Cry Baby

“Leave your home
Change your name
Live alone
Eat your cake”

And finally, this version of Terrible Love, which includes Sufjan Stevens:

Once again we lied.  Here’s a great crowd-sing of Vanderlyle from the recent Fox Pomona stop:

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