Gillian Welch and David Rawlings, and the Covers of Many Colors

Apr 6th, 2011 in Music

We confess to being infatuated with artists’ covers of others’ songs.  And sometimes when you take the best artists from two dissimilar genres, magic can truly ensue.

Check out Gillian’s and David’s folk-ish cover of Radiohead’s great rock song, Black Star, in which Welch and Rawlings take a great song and make it greater (though admittedly, in a dramatically different way).  Welch seems to deliver the song with an acknowledgment that this world isn’t always a perfect place (and is oft-times imperfect).  The truth sometimes hurts, but it’s good to know you’re in good company, and to move forward with eyes wide open.  Check out a live video of that cover below.  And below that is another version for the astronomically inclined.

And then listen in to a stunningly rendered cover by David Rawlings Machine (with Welch) of Bright Eye’s Method Acting that segues into Neil Young’s Cortez the Killer from a Daytrotter session that you can listen to and/or download here.

We know it unlikely, but if you aren’t familiar with Daytrotter, then you are missing some great music and should check it out frequently here.  Daytrotter is that fine outfit that each day brings in artists, records their sessions, adds some frequently well-done illustrations and narrative of the performers and their songs, and then makes all of it available to the general public for streaming/download.  Very well done.


  • Big Sur. May 30th. Henry Miller Library. What could be better? Check it out.



    Thanks for providing Tam and I with a few more hidden gems from our favorite duo. The harmonies never cease to amaze


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