KEXP’s Vaunted Video Vault

Aug 23rd, 2011 in Music

We have repeatedly lauded Seattle’s great left-of-the-dial public radio station KEXP and their treasure trove of archived videos and audio sessions.  We hadn’t visited for a bit, but when we did we found lots to like and particularly from bands we had recently covered.  Check some great performances from the last months.

We wrote about Handsome Furs last week and their performances at Radio K, but we were newly captivated by their performance of What About Us? on KEXP, and especially beginning at the 3:36 mark when husband-singer Dan Boeckner drops to his knees and follows-up by helicoptering hugs all around the assembly.  This version has an ineffable appeal ’cause it feels like the f’-in real deal.

We wrote about Nneka and her stellar song Kangpe previously.  Now come the building Suffri and Hearbeat as performed live on KEXP.  Check ’em out.

We loved Stillwater’s own Other Lives when they played Soho recently.  The Others have been building on the buzz and seem to have escaped Stillwater’s atmosphere.  Check out their performance of their great song For 12 below.

We previously stumbled upon and raved about The Lonely Forest’s show at Muddy Waters last year.  Check out their revved up version of We Sing In Time below.

Like many, we’ve fallen heavily for the band Wye Oak.  And why not?  Check out their delivery of song-beauty Civilian.  Girl can play guitar.

And we recently raved about Raphael Saadiq and his fine new album “Stone Rollin'”.  Check out his rendering of the touching song Good Man and some fine guitar playing.

And though older in time, check out Colombian band, Bomba Estereo, and their cross-cultural dance-bomb Fuego that we wrote about early-on, and then Feelin’.

We encourage you to go HERE and check out the vaunted video vaults at KEXP.

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