New Releases From Blitzen Trapper and Dawes and Co-Headlining Tour

Aug 10th, 2011 in Music

In what should be one of the best double-bills of the year in Santa Barbara, Blitzen Trapper and Dawes will “co-headline” at Soho on October 8th, each in support of new albums from both bands.  The concert collaboration seems a natural given that both bands are heavily influenced by 70’s folk-rock stalwarts (The Band, Warren Zevon, Neil Young, Jackson Browne and the Topanga entourage, and in Blitzen Trapper’s case, a dash of the Grateful Dead).  Those influences are also graphically reflected in the tour poster above.

Blitzen Trapper is soon to release its sixth album, American Goldwing.  The title track and newly-released song Love the Way You Walk Away” from the new album wear those 70’s influences on their sleeves. Here’s what Blitzen Trapper leader Eric Earley has to say about the title track you can listen to below:

“When I sing, in the title track, “I know / I know / I’ll be staying if the wind don’t blow,” I’m seeking to invoke the unseen, the spirit that beckons you to saddle up that old 1980 Honda Goldwing, or your uncle’s beat up Ford Bronco, or that Jeep you somehow, and only barely, keep running and leave this lonely town behind, ‘cause that wind’s always blowing. I’m calling you to ride, to take those curves at speed and head for someplace better where love is true, whether that be into the depths of the galaxy or just to the next truck stop where the neon shines, and where the “company of strangers / and the close and the present dangers” are all that really matters.”

To get a feel for Blitzen Trapper, check out Love the Way You Walk and American Goldwing below, along with one of our faves (Heaven and Earth) from their prior album.

Blitzen Trapper–Love the Way You Walk

[audio:|titles=BlitzentrapperLovethe way you walk away]

Blitzen Trapper–American Goldwing

[audio:|titles=Blitzen Trapper — American Goldwing]

Blitzen Trapper–Heaven and Earth

[audio:|titles=Heaven And Earth]

Dawes has just released their second album, “Nothing is Wrong.” At first blush, the new album can strike you as entirely too Topanga-derivative (specifically Zevon and Browne).  But repeated listens divulge crateloads of creativity and craft.  We have written about Dawes before and their stellar headlining show at Soho last year.  Suffice it to say we are huge fans of this band, and the new album does not disappoint.  It may be a little too soft for some, but Dawes tosses off memorable melodies effortlessly with thoughtful lyrical bents and twists of the tongue.  And these boys can play and sing like few can.  Check out a few of our favorites off the new album below. And just know that as good as the songs sound here, Dawes will kick ’em up 20-30 notches live in October.

Dawes–If I Wanted Someone

If I Wanted Someone features some fine fuzz-crunch guitar a la Neil, some Zevon-esque piano and haughty harmonies.  Taylor even seems to name-check Neil’s old “maid.”

[audio:|titles=02 If I Wanted Someone]

Dawes–Fire Away

[audio:|titles=07 Fire Away]

Not trying to hide anything, on the Browne-out song, Fire Away, the band goes so far as to include Jackson on vocals.

Dawes–Million Dollar Bill

This is just a beautiful, heart-rending ballad.

[audio:|titles=09 Million Dollar Bill]

You can also download a “tour sampler” from both bands below.

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