Good Answer–John K. Samson Selects His Top Five Records in Last 20 Years

Jul 24th, 2012 in Music

CBC has a cool little series entitled 5 for 20” in which CBC asks their favorite musicians to list their Top Five records of the last 20 years.  One of our favorite singer-songwriters, John K. Samson (leader of The Weakerthans and creator of one of our Top Albums of 2012 So Far, Provincial), recently participated.  At Number 5 Samson listed Christine Fellows’ 2005 album, Paper Anniversary.  We initially scratched our heads and wondered where we’d heard that name before.  And then we realized that Fellows is Samson’s wife.  Following this realization, all we could think was how wise and smart John K. Samson is (though to be safe, John, why not #1?).  Regardless, check out below Christine Fellows’ official video for her well-crafted song, Migrations.  Samson had this to say about Paper Anniversary: “All of CF’s four albums are truly great, but I pick this one because it became the template for the kind of record I want to create someday. Still makes me try harder.”

Good answer John; good answer.

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