The Groove Hypnosis: Watch Junip Perform on KCRW

May 31st, 2013 in Music


We confess to not previously “getting” Sweden-based Junip or its leader Jose Gonzalez.  While critics and fans have been singing their praises for years, we were slowly falling asleep in our armchairs.  That is until now.  Junip showed up on KCRW yesterday, and we have been obsessing over two video vignettes from the session, the repeat button mashed and unyielding.  These are well-crafted songs that continue to mesmerize with their hypnotic grooves (especially Walking Lightly).  Both songs are from Junip’s eponymous second album released in late April, which shows marked improvement over their first or any Gonzalez recording we’ve attempted.  Junip is currently on  tour in the US (now in California), and the tour dates can be found HERE.

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