Check Out Bonobo’s “Cirrus” Video and Song

Jan 16th, 2014 in Music


Despite being tipped off early by a very reliable source, we didn’t get wholly-hooked on Bonobo (Simon Green’s work) until late in the year.  Bonobo’s album The North Borders is a mood-master mix of electronica supplemented with soul and sophistication. We think very highly of the songs with vocals on the album, such as those featuring Grey Reverend and Erykah Badu (she’s everywhere these days–must have received a boost from Wayne Coyne-generated sympathy).  But our favorite track by far is the all-instrumental CirrusGreen builds and builds on Cirrus’ spare opening platform, adding layers of bass and poly-percussion and ever-burgeoning bells.  Check it out below, first in a shortened edition with the visual aid of their mesmerizing official video.  Afterwards check out our preferred long-form version.

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