Watch Dawes “Roll With The Punches” on Colbert and Catch Them On Tour Now

Mar 10th, 2017 in Music

The phenomenally talented band Dawes is out on tour right now, and you should do everything in your power to catch them while you can. They are in their prime element live and one of the best in the business to grace a stage. We caught them at the start of their current tour at the usually-staid Lobero Theater in Santa Barbara, and they managed, against all odds and history, to (get this) pull the Lobero crowd out of their chairs and rushing the stage. Seriously. Cardiacs, all around. Live they exhibit versatility and panache, and always manage to connect with their audience. The band has been reconfigured since their last tour and now features guitarist Trevor Meanere. At the Lobero, Meanere managed to remind us of Wilco’s Nels Cline and possibly eclipse him (highest compliments intended). And bassist Wylie Gelber always impresses with his deft walks. But it’s always the songwriting, interplay and harmonies of the Brothers Goldsmith (bandleader/songwriter Taylor and mega-talented drummer/harmonist Griffin) that regale so well.

To get a glimpse of Dawes live, check out below last night’s performance on Colbert of Roll with the Punches (off their most-recent, critically-acclaimed album We’re All Gonna Die). As we were saying, don’t miss ’em.

If you need more convincing afterwards, check out their performance of much-loved, singalong anthem When My Time Comes on PBS’ Front and Center.

Dawes is the out on the road playing the remainder of their 50-date tour (including a homecoming show at the ace Ace Theater in LA on April Fools Day). Check out the dates HERE.  Don’t miss ’em!

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