Watch Feist’s Spellbinding Video for New Album Title-Track “Pleasure”

Apr 12th, 2017 in Music

Nobody but Feist can mime air-guitar and cavort in a fun-house mirror and make spellbinding art. Today Feist has released the official video for the title-track of her impending new album Pleasure (out April 28th on Universal), and it is pure pleasure to watch. The talented Mary Rozzi directed the video. Watch below as Feist effortlessly airs out her artistry and at the 1:59 mark rightly turns her ears up for her own heavenly vocals. From there the song gathers strength and resolve, with Feist eventually inciting viewers to clap-along to her/their pleasure. In this video Feist reveals anew why she is one of our most spellbinding live performers.

Those that haven’t purchased tickets for her upcoming tour (dates and tickets HERE–note additional date added at the Palace Theater) are on notice: to miss Feist live is to miss out on immeasurable pleasure. As the song says: “that’s what we’re here for!”

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