K’Naan and Nneka

Apr 4th, 2010 in Music

No, it ain’t’ no anagram.   Instead (at long last) it’s songs and sounds closely insinuating Marley-esque maneuvers.  This pair is inspired and inspiring, and aspire to the higher ground that only Marley delivered.  This time Jamaica has given way to Afro-centric origins.   Here in Amerique, we’ve been waiting for Lil’ This and Lil’ That to deliver (Rikers?  How’s that, fool?), and though worthy, Lupe Fiasco can’t meet the need for a new musical messiah.  So  she (Nneka) and (ahem) him (K’Naan) have come forward to fill the void.  Did they fall to earth or have they been toiling away just waiting for us to finally open our ears?  I dunno….  But these two  demand one’s undivided attention.  In the spirit of Nesta, we are blessed with K’Naan and Nneka.  As for K’Naan (via Somalia/Mogadishu), there’s not an untrue moment.  The sing-song synapses fire on People Like Me in particular at -2:09 to go,  and the heavenly chorus enraptures.  And Nneka??  She of Nigerian/Germanic persuasion?  On Kangpe she hands it off to her handlers and cohorts at -2:30 for a stellar sequence, but she and the song speak gospel throughout.  And it’s Easter.  So praise be to the most high.

K’Naan–People Like Me

Photo by James Minchin

14 People Like Me


10 Kangpe

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