There is  something about being born in a blizzard in the wrong corner of a Midwestern state.  Resilience is assured.  Appetite too.  For us, that appetite is primarily for soulful art rather than for soul food.  Cycling may add to the appetite.  We are ravenous for all good music, books, films, art, poetry, etc.   Our appetites have not been dulled, though we are old-ish and not getting any younger (though neither, with any luck, are you).  We have heard a few bands, read a few books, rode a few roads, and mulled a few museums over a fair amount of time.  And we have spent dog-years of energy to keep current with the good music, etc., that has evolved since our youth.  While many ears, hearts and minds did shut down over time, and turned off their turntables when the “war was won” or upon the achievement of some other milestone (marriages, kids, jobs), we could not get the monkeys off our backs.  We remain junkies trying to match, and hopefully raise, earlier art highs.  And if we find some new art that other oldsters might like, or if we recall some worthy ancient track that you youngsters may not know, we will pass it along.  And as will become painfully obvious:  we are not above citing scant scintillas of truth, drawing ridiculous inferences, lodging illogical laments or arriving at ill-conceived conclusions to impart a point.  We will walk the wire without a net to convey some passion, and you may not agree with us.  Please know though that these are in fact life and death matters to us, and so there is no room for the mediocre or the mundane.  We hope you glean some new art or high.

Lefort, you wonder?  It’s a maiden name and an homage to a side of our family that fielded the fields and days with style, albeit with some high drama and intermittently catastrophic acts.  To sum up:  they were human beings that lived this pros-and-cons life on earth.  And we remain very fond of them.

And finally, The Lefort Report is an homage of sorts to two musical brothers who left too soon, Kenny Harbaugh and Matt Steele.  Kenny and Lefort were similarly aged and shared an almost identical music history (minus Harbaugh’s inexplicable infatuation with the band “The Birthday Party”:-)) and love of cycling.  And Matt and Lefort shared musical appreciation and appreciation for that which is above.  Both are deeply missed.