Blue Skies: Listen to New Camera Obscura Album “Desire Lines”– Coming to Soho on 6/16

May 28th, 2013 in Music


There are particularly appropriate times and places for certain music. After Central California was spared from yet another fire disaster yesterday, the breezy Brit-pop sounds of Glasgow’s Camera Obscura and their new album Desire Lines are a perfect soundtrack for the unobscured sun and blue skies outside today.  We’re not saying there isn’t weight in the lyrics; just that the sweet musical sounds mesh well with the day.  We’ve been fans of Camera Obscura for a decade or so, and the new album does not disappoint. Go over to NPR HERE, and give a good listen.  Camera Obscura plays Soho in Santa Barbara on June 16th courtesy of Club Mercy. Not to be missed.  Get your tickets HERE.

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