Sunday Morning Music: Watch Joni Mitchell Perform Solo in 1970 on BBC

Jul 28th, 2013 in Music


There’s no Chelsea for us today. But it’s a morning, and it’s Sunday. And the perfect soundtrack for a foggy Sunday morning is this solo performance below by Joni Mitchell for the BBC in 1970. While she had written and recorded many song gems by this juncture, Mitchell was just at the cusp of the realization of her songwriting powers. In this performance she plays some of her hits, but also performs two unrecorded songs that she would release the following year on her seminal album Blue.  For us the highlights are when Mitchell sits at the piano or with the dulcimer and plays For Free and California (Mitchell explains the germination of the latter in the video).  When Joni sits at the piano, the song structures evince more complexity than her guitar songs, and foreshadow her shift to open chord structures and jazz influences.  Superb stuff from a young (and needless to say, stunning) Joni Mitchell.

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