Lupe Yorke–Don’t Erase the Fiasco

Apr 27th, 2010 in Music

We alluded previously to Lupe Fiasco, and he remains our favorite current American rapper.  Lupe Fiasco?  Well, it’s a tad catchier than his given name:  Wasalu Muhammad Jaco (though following the bank meltdown, we think WaMu Fiasco would have been far more appropriate).  Regardless, Fiasco brings urgency and literacy to a genre forever plagued by misogynistic, one-upsman, gangsta ridiculousness (Put ’em on the glass, indeed–jeesh).  Fiasco ain’t perfect (but is compared to others who succumb even on this track), and as stated previously, we’ll generally throw on K’ Naan and Nneka first, but his wordplay is comparatively breath’s fresh air, and when riding on top of Thom Yorke’s Eraser track, the combination compels completely.

Lupe leads off this track by Child Rebel Soldier (CRS) super-hip-hop group, and is followed by Kanye and Pharrell Williams.

All the money in the world don’t make it painless.  Don’t let it erase you.

Check out CRS’s US Placers (found on Fiasco’s “Follow the Leader” record and Kanye’s “Can’t Tell Me Nothing” record).

[audio:|titles=Lupe Fiasco f. Kanye West, Pharrell – US Placers]

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