Beach House For Sale–Moving to Middle East

Apr 17th, 2010 in Music


Middle East encore!  Last night we showed up at Soho in Santa Barbara to find the same, stellar opening act as the night before at Pavement!!  The Daily Double.  And once again, these Aussies showed they are a force to be reckoned with (though one might have hoped for more force last night–more on that below).  The guitar, drums, bass, accordion, keys, banjo and trumpet attack of Middle East can be forceful indeed, and the harmonies are seriously above-grade.  However, perhaps because they were opening for Beach House in a smaller venue (compared with Pavement/Fox Theater in Pomona), Middle East severely racheted-back the energy forces and focused on their softer side, even ending their set with a solo ballad (solo ballad I tell ya!).  G’day and g’night.  Having seen them the night before, and as good as it was, I can tell you Santa Barbara was short-changed.  Here’s hoping they continue to balance their balladry with their more energetic songs and delivery.

As for Beach House and its sale, we gave it a good look.   This was our second tour of the House, and so far, we’re not buying.  While the basic structure is sound, the pipes strong and plentiful throughout, and the lyrics painted above and on the doors somewhat beguiling, the overall style and paint-job ultimately are entirely too monochromatic to make one want to buy it.  This House is in need of some aggressive touches in just the right places to distinguish it (e.g. some radical reds and some blazing black thrown around, or an added Kandinsky gallery).  And we don’t mean those geometric-piñatas in the entertainment room.

As always, the proof for this buyer is in the parties thrown at the house, and whether or not they inspire or incite you to rise above.  And at this Beach House, just when you think the coterie is about to be treated to something revelatory by the House hosts and the party kicked up a couple notches, instead they bring out some Stevie Nicks tribute band (with matching hair), and any possible fire is doused.  This Beach House may get some offers, but it’s not going to sell without a re-examined remodel that at least intermittently takes its “good bones” to higher ground.



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