Gored Again

May 4th, 2010 in Music

The Leforts were on the road again on Friday night, headed for parts south and tremulously anticipating the tremelo of the Antlers at the Troubadour.

We’d seen ’em months before opening for some very mediocre band (Minus the Bear–emphasis on minus), at Downtown Brew in San Luis Obispo.  That night they kicked the headliners to the curb and blew the doors off of Downtown Brew.  ‘Twas 50 minutes of heated, heavy harmonics, delivered as if there was a fire next door.

So we were naturally salivating at the specter of seeing the band headline at the legendary Troub.  We are happy to report that once again (and  despite their having toured non-stop behind their stellar “Hospice” record for at least 9 months), the crowd was properly gored by these great Antlers and their weighty/beautiful songs.  Headlining enabled them to stretch out a bit and revel in the hallowed hall.  While as openers they had played with more intensity and resolve (necessary given the shorter time to lobby the partisans), as headliners they let the songs explore themselves more and indulged the sonics in full.  Peter once again gave glimpses of Buckley and beyond, while Darby magically kept all the plates spinning and the harmonies tethered, and Michael held down the forest fortress.  On top of the “Hospice” songs, we were treated to a new song and a great, slowed cover of XX’s fine song, VCR.   Too dang good.

In the video below you won’t see the Antlers attack in full as we did on Friday, but instead a stellar band taking a step back acoustically and selling it well.  A great glimpse into the vocalese of Peter Silberman, as ably accompanied by Darby and Michael.  A fine use of 12 minutes, 34.  Playing tonight at the Doug Fir in Portland.


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