Bass Is Loaded–Of Montreal at Bat

Sep 14th, 2010 in Music

It’s hard to believe that the “band” Of Montreal (out of Athens, GA, natch) has been around for over a decade and has just released its 14th record, “False Priest,” which is possibly its best.  Leader Kevin Barnes has taken the band all over the proverbial map stylistically over the years, travelling all the way from lo-fi indie pop miniaturist to glam-funk maximalist, and all points in between.  Of Montreal has their positives (phenomenal pop sensibilities, musicianship and delivery) and negatives (obscure, decadent, over-sexed, and debased lyrics–when will they put out a foreign language version so we aren’t distracted from the worthy music??).

Unlike on prior efforts , the songs on False Priest are fully realized, focused and produced (thanks we suspect to co-producer Jon Brian).   And Barnes’ lyrics are less bizarre and instead intermittently soulful and comedic.  And as usual with this band, the music is stunningly good.   On False Priest they audaciously adapt a mix of Prince, 70s soul and prog, and with Janelle Monae and Solange Knowles added to the mix you’ve got a musical force to be reckoned with.

Sometimes with this band it’s a single instrument that completely demands your attention.  We hope you’ve got a sub-woofer or some good headphones to check out the stellar bass line in the sweet indie-pop of Coquet, Coquette (not to mention the beguiling drums and guitar).   Load up the bottom big-time.  Should get you movin’ and out of any foggish funk.  Dang that’s good.

Of Montreal–Coquet, Coquette


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