Sufjan on Fallon–Too, Too Much

Nov 22nd, 2010 in Music

Sufjan Stevens and his band of sprites sallied down to Jimmy Fallon’s musically-prodigious show last Friday, and filled the entire Fallon stage with their elaborate tribal/mardi-gras/end-times delivery.  In case you missed it, and to check out the magnitude and pageantry of his current tour as seen by us at the Paramount Theatre last month, check below.   Stevens and his merry marauders gave a national audience a fully-realized, densely choreographed version of Too Much off of his “Age of Adz” record.


  • Speaking of big showy stage thingies, check out Kanye from the MTV Awards (you just have to put up with a little schtick from the speaker dude, but worth the wait):

  • Never thought i’d mention sufjan and gaga in the same sentence, but this stage getup would make lady gaga proud. Music is good though! I’ll just close my eyes and listen.

  • Very apropos “Lost in Space” insight. On further reflection, Adam Ant would seem to be an influence too. The horns were impeccable live.

  • Jennifer Sanderfer

    Edward Sharp meets Lost in Space with Jim James on horns. Wow is all I can say.


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