The King of (Limbs and) Radiohead Covers

Feb 26th, 2011 in Music

All you Radiohead fans (yes, I’m looking in a mirror–the life of a blogger)–check out and give due respect to this rendition of Exit Music (for a film) by jazz pianist, Brad Mehldau.  Too damn good.  It takes flight at 2:30.

And while on the jazz covers of Radiohead, check out the cover of No Surprises as done by Yaron Herman and cohorts below Mehldau.


  • Long closed — The (Fabulous) Rainbow Tavern — came across the old ticket stub in a box in the attic the other day!

    And there was the Don Pullen gig over in East Bay somewhere, a few years later . . . an unmatched piano player.

  • Thanks Bob. Glad to know you are keeping up with the best in jazz. I remember fondly all those mind-blowing World Saxophone Quartet shows we saw in the U-District (Jazz Alley?). Not to mention catching Wynton Marsalis at the University of Puget Sound in 1983. Too dang good.

  • Check out Christian Scott’s take on Eraser . . . along with the rest of what this new generation NOLA trumpet player is doing from his new perch in Manhattan. K.K.P.D is a revelation; you’ll be asking who the drummer is — Jamire Williams! Saw Scott onstage with his uncle Donald Harrison’s band in the Jazz tent at Jazzfest around yr 2000, when he was about 16. A budding talent then; come into his own now as a leading light in the NOLA horn player legacy that started with Louis A.

    Yorke, Scott and Flea jam on Eraser in NY:


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