Anna Calvi on Letterman and Elsewhere

Jul 28th, 2011 in Music

OK, it turns out that occasionally the hoopla is actually warranted. We’ve been hearing cavalcades of raves for Anna Calvi for awhile, but until we saw her perform her anthemic song Desire on Letterman last night, we were on the fence.  (As an aside, Brian Eno sings background vocals on the studio version of Desire.)  On Letterman she knocked us clean over onto the Anna Calvi side of that fence.  No more sittin’.  Her confidence, stage presence, guitar acumen and vocal talent are commanding.  As seen below, Calvi has clearly been influenced by PJ Harvey (on Desire) and Siouxsie (especially on Blackout).  In the videos below, Calvi seduces on Desire (while accompanied on harmonium, tympani and drums), blazes on Blackout (as performed on Later Live with…Jules Holland), and plays gripping guitar on Love Won’t Be Leaving. And her eyes have it–she’s titillatingly terrifying. We don’t need to tell you to keep your eyes on Anna Calvi.  She’s got the it.

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