Grouplove on Conan

Sep 26th, 2011 in Music

We’ve written about Grouplove previously.  They are pressing on and gaining critical mass in the mass press, and did nothing to undermine that last week on Conan. Check the band performing their song Colours below.


  • Yes, i lost a little time on their website and heard their other tunes. i’m sold! and do love the artwork, very cool. Comparing “colours” as streamed on their website to the live on Conan – hands down these guys generate energy live. not many bands sound *better* on tv than studio.

  • By the way, those paintings in the backdrop (and as shown at that embedded link) are the handiwork of Hannah Hooper of the band. Cool stuff too.

  • Is there a difference? Love the Grouplove. Did you check the stuff at the embedded link above, Sloppy? Impressive stuff. Vocals and energy, all good.

  • holy cow these guys tear it up with vocals and the drummer has more fills than a jr high garageband, except he nails them. i can’t decide if it’s the soundtrack for a runaway teen hopping into an empty boxcar leaving it all behind or a pre-game warm up for a roller derby brawl.


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