Radiohead on The Colbert Report

Sep 27th, 2011 in Music

In an unprecedented move, Radiohead performed a quiver of songs on a special hour-long The Colbert Report last night.  Supported by an extra drummer and a horn quartet, Radiohead proved once again that they are the greatest band on the planet. And Colbert proved that, along with David Letterman, he is a host with musical soul.

The band opened with unreleased song, The Daily Mail, which is not on their most recent album, “The King of Limbs.” Check it out:

The band also played Bloom (oh the horns!!):

Then they played the glorious Little By Little:

Then, with Thom Yorke exhorting the crowd a la Colbert himself, the band banged out Morning Mr. Magpie:

The band finished strong by performing National Anthem::

The band then performed Codex for a web-only exclusive:

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Exclusive – Radiohead – “Codex”
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And, finally, check out the hilarious “interview” with the band:



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