Feist in The Back Seat of a Black Cab (Session)

Oct 22nd, 2011 in Music

Dude, got your attention huh?  The phenomenal Feist showed up with two of the Mountain Man(s?) (currently backing Feist on tour) and a hirsute percussionist for possibly the best Black Cab Session we’ve ever seen. And that’s saying a lot.

This focal Feist-fest is the closest viewing you’re ever gonna get with Leslie Feist so fill up.  Check them performing the song, Undiscovered First, off of her fantastic new album, “Metals.” We love the emphatic roof percussion beginning at 3:53, and the vocal gymnastics finale at 4:41.  Too dang good.  Brava!  Check out other Black Cab Sessions HERE.

WordPress is REALLY sucking these days so click on the “Feist” link below to see the performance.

Feist from Black Cab Sessions on Vimeo.

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