Wye Oak Covers The Kinks and Danzig on A.V. Club

Oct 29th, 2011 in Music

We’ve mentioned the A.V. Club’s “Undercover” show before, and now from that treasure trove comes a double-barrel of covers from the great duo, Wye Oak, which we’ve referenced repeatedly.  First up from Jenn Wassner and Andy Stack is The Kink’s great song, Strangers, followed by Danzig’s song, Mother. As we’ve said before, Wassner can play serious guitar and co-conspirator Andy Stack nicely stacks on the rhythm attack and added elements.

The Kink’s Stranger (with Shearwater’s Jonathan Meiburg):

Wye Oak covers The Kinks

Danzig’s Mother (with Callers’ Don Godwin on horn):

Wye Oak covers Danzig

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