Fruit Bats and Parson Red Heads on Sunday at Soho

Nov 3rd, 2011 in Music

The fantastic Fruit Bats and rising Parson Red Heads are playing Sunday at Soho as part of the New Noise Festival in Santa Barbara that begins today and finishes on Sunday.  Both bands are touring in support of fine new albums.  We’ve written about both bands before, and the Fruit Bats show at Soho in 2010 was one of our Concerts of the Year. To get prepped, check out the Fruit Bat performances below and then go HERE to check out the Parson Red Heads.  It’s gonna be great.

Check out the Fruit Bats performing at a recent KEXP session in which the band performed four songs off their sparkling new album, “Tripper.” First up is So Long, then Heart Like an Orange, Dolly, and then the first single off the new album, Tangie Ray.  And then far below check out the band doing what they do incredibly well (cover songs), a cover of Loretta Lynn’s The Other Woman for an A.V. Undercover Session.

Fruit Bats cover “The Other Woman” by Loretta Lynn

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