Picking Up on Pickwick

Nov 28th, 2011 in Music

We have lavished praise on the newish, Northwest-borne genre of skip-the-barber-quartet Singalong Bands. Let’s call it Oregorian Chant in honor of Portland band, Typhoon and others.  Or, perhaps, Doe-gorian Chant is a better moniker in honor of the annual Doe Bay Festival at which many of the genre’s progenitors seem to have been born (again)–The Head and the Heart, Hey Marseilles, The Lonely Forest, The Maldives, Bryan John Appleby, and other harmonious offerings.

But we’re not sure how many of these fresh-faced folks the Everything-is-Free generation can/will ultimately support.  So we were pleased to see Seattle band, Pickwick, performing at this year’s Doe Bay Festival.  While they have the Singalong genre’s GUI, they manage to set themselves somewhat apart based in part on the powerful pipes (Buckley-esque) of leader Galen Disston and their dirtier R&B sound.  Check out the band first on Orcas Island below.  And then check ’em out in a basement, grinding it out.

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