Mariachi El Bronx On Letterman Show

Dec 21st, 2011 in Music

We’d been hearing great things about Los Angeles band Mariachi El Bronx, and sure enough they tossed a molotov and lit it up on the Letterman Show last night. In perhaps a tip of the proverbial sombrero to nearby Occupy Wall Street, the band offered up their great recent song, Revolution Girls, and assassinated it. Mariachi El Bronx (comprised of members of the alter-ego punk band, The Bronx) and others such as the devoted Devotchka are now occupying the space initially cropshared by Calexico. We highly recommend Mariachi El Bronx’s second album, “Mariachi El Bronx (II),” which was released this year to critical acclaim.

Check out the performance below, with superb lead and ensemble vocals, and incited by the vivacious violin of Ray Suen (who also combines with Morgan Kibby of M83 in White Sea). We’re sure the Mescalero himself, Joe Strummer, was watching with glee from above. Speaking of late night talk-shows, the trumpet player on the left is either the son of or is doing his best impression Doc Severinsen (Johnny Carson’s former band leader).

And once again the Dave-O-Meter is spot on in its assessment of the performance. In short: a deserved rave by Dave.

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