New Stew & The Negro Problem Album–“Making It”

Dec 30th, 2011 in Music

Stew & the Negro Problem (meant to be ironic) have been making eclectic, melodic, and heady material since the mid-’90s, and have had their ups and downs.  Spearheaded by the dramatic dramatist, Mark Stewart (together with his now-former partner Heidi Rodewald), they have put out critically-hailed albums (2000’s “Guest Host“), and written and performed award-winning musicals (“Passing Strange,” filmed by Spike Lee).  They are about to release their first new album, “Making It,” in ten years.  We can’t wait.  Check out two new songs from the new album.  First up is the tantalizingly-titled Love Is A Cult, which will immediately lure you in and have you hooked on its melodic Kool-Aid.  Following is another hook-filled gem, Curse, with its great ’60s/’70s/Hollywood/LA slideshow accompaniment.  We hear Broadway and pop music melding perfectly.

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