Girls New Video for “My Ma”

Feb 27th, 2012 in Music

Conan is moving more and more into the music realm, with new exclusive album streams and video releases.  The latest from Team Coco is their exclusive viewing of Girls’ new video for My Ma, the third single off of their Best of 2011 album, Father, Son, Holy Ghost, which you can purchase here.  Girls will also appear on Conan on March 22nd.  The video and song are a no-holds-barred, but poignant ode to Christopher Owens’ mother (she is a part of quite a backstory for Owens).  The video starts off Sisquoc-esque and then transitions to other locales and moods.  The song’s jangle-and-crunch guitars under-gird the song before a George Harrison-esque guitar gently weeps over the vignettes, while all the time Owens’ plaintive vocals pair perfectly with the lyrics.  We heartily approve.

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