Of Montreal Unplug and Ask: What Have They Done to My Song Ma?

May 5th, 2012 in Music

The band Of Montreal recently appeared on Bandstand Busking in London’s Lincoln’s Inn Field Bandstand.   Kevin Barnes and his band Of Montreal have done it all from early twee-pop to ultra-pop colossus.  This band’s sound has varied sound-wise from ’60s pop, to funk, to psychedelic, to electro-disco, and back again.  Barnes and crew are a regular party of sounds.  But it’s rarely without electric effects and affect (though with violin, horns, flute, etc.).  It’s also rare when the words “Kevin Barnes” combined with the words “stripped-down” doesn’t have a lascivious connotation.  So check out this rare acoustic performance by the band below, warts and beauty all.

First up is a fun cover of Melanie’s 1971 chestnut, What Have They Done to My Song Ma:

Next is Like a Tourist from the band’s 2010’s False Priest album.  This version of the song features “doo-da-doos” straight outta Lou Reed’s seminal (no connotation intended) Walk On the Wild Side:

Finally, check out Forecast Fascist Future from their album Satanic Twins.  Check out the doo-wop/psychedelic vocals starting at 2:05:

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