Watch Another New Song Performed by Mumford & Sons

Sep 25th, 2012 in Music

Mumford & Sons showed up recently in the SiriusXM Studios to perform their new song Whispers In The Dark from their new album Babel.  Check it out below.  While we remain fans of the band (particularly live), and these new songs aren’t bad, we’re still waiting to hear something fresh and evolutionary on the new album to capture our interest anew.  ‘Cause listen up sons and brothers (same advice for the Avetts): there are others that are coming for you if you merely play the same song without abducting our hearts and/or minds.  Animal Collective is animating musical invention, Grizzly Bears are giddily prowling, Atoms of Peace are radiating on the horizon, and Buellton is rumored to be on the verge of releasing its sophomore effort over a decade after releasing their debut album.  And frankly, our listening life is short.

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