Watch Daughter on The Current

Oct 29th, 2012 in Music

After stumbling onto a Daughter recently (it’s like we’re Joni Mitchell or Rickie Lee Jones), we’re now receiving increasing semaphores and snippets of the band as they amble across America.  Check out Daughter below performing Youth (again, but it hurts so good) on Minnesota Pubic Radio’s The Current.  It’s always best to sequester the drummer in another room if possible.  Then go over and hear the audio for the entire show HERE.


  • Thanks. I’m sure you’re busy tonight, but if I could pull it off and was within 40ish miles of the Bootleg Theater in LA, I would be in attendance. Received raves at CMJ and from other live shows.

  • Wow. Didn’t know about Daughter. Pretty spot on in every way. That voice is really familiar, but she doesn’t appear on anything else I’ve heard before.

    Thanks for the introduction!


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