Watch Sufjan Stevens’ Hilarious Silver & Gold Infomercial and the Friendship Slay Ride Series

Nov 20th, 2012 in Music

For those of you that think Sufjan Stevens is a humorless twit, think again.  Check out this infomercial below (via Pitchfork) for Stevens’ new box set, Silver & Gold.  Now THAT’S entertainment.  It’s as if Saturday Night Live asked Pastor The Reverend Karl to produce its weekly skits.  Too funny.

And if you like that, Pitchfork TV has seven new hilarious videos from Stevens under the title Friendship Slay Ride.  Check out our favorite, Law Office, after Joy to the World, and continue on with remaining Friendship Slay Ride videos adjacent thereto.  If this music thing doesn’t work out, Suf-Jan Sta-Vons, you might want to think about comedy.

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