Watch Colin Steton’s Video For “Among the Sef”–A Proper Video/Soundtrack for Our Current Whale Migration Season

Apr 25th, 2013 in Music

As we’ve already written about, saxophonist Colin Stetson has released the last, and possibly best, segment of his New History Warfare project.  You can go to NPR now and stream the album titled To See More Light in it’s entirety.

To See More Light is a wonder of technical prowess within wondrously evocative soundscapes,  which at times is aided and abetted by Justin Vernon’s (Bon Iver) vocals and other assists.  Depending on your mood, the album may leave you joyous, tearful, fearful or speaking in tongues.  Likely all of the above.  Turn off the alternative entertainment, put this album on, and be transported to an alternative universe.  In a good way.  Our favorite tracks:  What Are They Doing In Heaven Today, To See More Light, And In Truth, Who The Waves Are Roaring For, and Among The Sef.

Speaking of Among The Sef, last week Stetson released the official video for the song viewable below. Given the current migration of blue (primarily) whales off of our Central California Coast, the video is particularly apt.  Music and video match perfectly to help convey the mystery and manifold shades of the ocean, the whales and las bufadoras.  Check out the video below, go over to NPR (at the link above) and then go buy To See More Light HERE.  And if you’re on the Cali Coast, go check out the whales.

Colin Stetson – Among the Sef from Constellation Records on Vimeo.

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