Watch Mates of State Perform “Desire”

Apr 1st, 2013 in Music

We are long-time fans of husband-and-wife duo Mates of State.  They repeatedly craft perfect pop songs that deftly dissect the ins and outs of relationships.  In the past (including the recent past) their highly-recommended albums, Bring it Back and Re-Arrange Us, have refused to leave our rebellious jukebox.   The duo recently recorded a session for Audio-Files that will be broadcast tonight and tomorrow HERE.  The band and Audio-Files have released a tremulous trailer of the duo performing their intimate song Desire (lyrics at bottom) off of their critically-acclaimed 2011 album Mountaintops.  With the song’s private-conversation lyrics and the singers’ knowing looks, you might feel the need to look away.  But you can’t.  Shyness is overrated.


“Someday you’ll feel
the way I feel
and though you might be brighter
you will not be shy again
Ooo, desire

Lying in a quiet back room
Careful ’cause the house could crack soon
And in the morning we can play this game
All the nights you masqueraded

But today you feel
So you made me wiser
I will not be shy again
Ooo, desire

Someday I will feel the way you feel
and though I might be brighter
I will not be shy again

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