Listen to New Song “Rhythm of Devotion” from Sufjan Stevens’ Sisyphus Project

Feb 19th, 2014 in Music


“I don’t care if you’ve been to Tibet.”  So rappeth Serengeti on the new song from Sufjan Stevens’ project known as Sisyphus.  Sisyphus combines the talents of Son Lux, Stevens and Serengeti (in that order from left above), and will release their self-titled debut album in March.  Yesterday the group released the video for the track Alcohol, one of the more disturbing videos we’ve witnessed (seriously, average fans of Stevens are warned to avoid the video and its disturbing montages).  Today, however, the group released a new track, the six-minutes of enthrall known as Rhythm Of DevotionSon Lux leads off with a massive mix, Serengeti raps vigilant (if a bit vigilante), and Stevens steps in at the 2:00 minute mark to add contrast, adorning the track in R&B electro-pop motifs to soften the edges.   And then all are combined, and the rock it does roll.  On up that hill.  We’ve had it on repeat all day.  Mesmerizing.  We can’t wait for the full album.

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