TBT–Watch Janelle Monae on Jools Holland

Mar 27th, 2014 in Music


It’s throw-back Thursday.  We’ll throw back to last September and Janelle Monae (on Jools Holland), who in turn throws back a bit to James Brown and Earth, Wind & Fire in fine style, and then tosses in some rap and other updates to bring the sound to date and make it her own.  And oh how the girl can sing.  And dance.  She took over the stage on Jools’ show last September in the face of some prime competition (The Pixies and Chvrches).  If there’s any justice in the world, she will continue to blow up and be bigger than Beyonce and all the other wannabeyonces.  Pay attention world.  This girl rocks it.  Below is a medley of the three songs she performed on the show.  Dang.

JANELLE MONAE ” Medley ” Live At The Jools… by UnderProject

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