Watch Sylvan Esso’s New Video for “Play It Right”

Apr 28th, 2014 in Music


Sylvan Esso has sauntered ever so deeply into our consciousness this year.  Their debut album will hit on May 13th via Partisan Records.  In advance of that release comes the band’s new official video for Play It Right (originally a comparatively-hushed folker from singer Amelia Randall Meath‘s other band, Mountain Man).   Now comes the application of some sylvan gas to the tune, resulting in its renewal as a dynamic dance number (to go with their similarly dance-inducing Coffee video).  Cohort Nick Sanborn (also of the mega-talented Megafaun) has added proper electronic effervescence to this version, resulting in the involuntary movements you will see (and feel) from Meath and Sanborn in the new video.  Check it out.

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