Watch the Pixies On KCRW–Stream New Album “Indy Cindy” on The Guardian

Apr 24th, 2014 in Music


The regrouped and revamped Pixies have a new album out (Indy Cindy, their first in 20 years) and have been out on tour in support (having played both weekends of Corpchella to generally rave reviews, and managing to visit the Henry Miller Library in Big Sur in between).  Been a long dang time since our minds and viruses were blown by the band in 1989 on the Doolittle tour.

We have only heard a couple of songs off the new album and, Frankly, have not been overly impressed.  Until today.  We will now have to revisit and listen more closely to Indy Cindy.  This morning the band showed up on KCRW’s Morning Becomes Eclectic and played, amongst others, new song Greens and Blues, together with one of their hallmarks, Monkey Gone to Heaven.  As you can see below, Greens and Blues comes off very well here and Monkey Gone to Heaven is, well, gigantic (God is Seven!!).  You can listen/watch the entire Morning Becomes Eclectic session HERE.

To stream Indy Cindy, go over to The Guardian HERE.

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