Listen To Helado Negro’s Heady Remix of Sylvan Esso’s “Coffee”

May 13th, 2014 in Music


It’s been a caffeinated couple of months over at Chez Lefort.  As we’ve written repeatedly, we are hopeless addicted to the music of duo Sylvan Esso, and in particular their track Coffee.   Now, combine that great cut with a masterful remix by Helado Negro (whose track Dance Ghost was one of our favorite finds of last year) and you have a scintillating musical brew indeed.  About Helado Negro’s remix, Sylvan Esso’s Nick Sanborn told the New York Times:  “Hearing one of your own songs remixed is such a surreal experience. It can be both jarring and revelatory, but we loved it. Helado Negro’s version is such a beautiful, drifting, pastoral reinterpretation, and we couldn’t be happier.”  We couldn’t agree more.  Check it out below.

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