It’s Time to Spoon–New Album “They Want My Soul” Coming Soon

Jul 23rd, 2014 in Music


Last month Spoon rocked the rock world by dropping their first magnificent song, I Pay The Rent (one of our favorites of the early summer), from their impending new album They Want My Soul.  This week the band has redoubled its effort with two new soulful releases designed to knife into your life and demand you fork over the payment.  We are in!  Earlier this week Spoon debuted its official video for the new album’s lead single, Do You.  Check it out first below (and watch out for frightening King Kids).  As a follow-up, leader Britt Daniel and the band then released the audio of spare, synth-and-harp-enhanced rocker, Inside Out, which you can listen to at bottom.  All three releases off the album are highwater marks for this summer’s music, and bode incredibly well for They Want My Soul (which has quickly become one of our most highly anticipated releases of 2014).  You can pre-order it from the band directly HERE.

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