Watch U2 Perform “Every Breaking Wave”

Nov 29th, 2014 in Music


Bono, Edge and all of U2 have (once again) become the music whipping boys following the iTunes “gifting” of their latest album Songs of  Innocence.  We think this anger a bit over the top and mostly unwarranted.  But that’s just us.  For those that would complain bitterly about the band, we might suggest that you at least give peace and U2’s music a chance again.  While the new album might not be their absolute strongest, it still has plenty to recommend it.  Exhibit A in this case would be the song Every Breaking Wave as captured live twice in the last month, first on Later with Jools Holland and second from the MTV European Music Awards.  It’s a fantastic song and the live arrangement is sterling.  Not to mention Bono’s vocalese is nonpareil here, his rich tenor and emphatic delivery helping to bring the song alive.  Surf’s up!

Here’s wishing Bono a swift and complete recovery from his Central Park cycling accident.

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