Eleanor Friedberger Plays Early Show Tomorrow Night at Velvet Jones

Feb 27th, 2015 in Music


We’ve seemed to always miss the comings and goings of one of our favorite female artists, Eleanor Friedberger.  Thankfully, that particular drought is soon to get doused.  Ms. Friedberger plays Velvet Jones in an early show tomorrow night (6pm).  If you don’t know Friedberger, she and her brother were/are critic’s darlings (justly) seemingly forever as comprised in The Fiery Furnaces.  While we respected that collaboration, we have truly loved Friedberger’s more melodic, post-Furnaces solo recordings.  If you’re not familiar with them, Friedberger’s albums Last Summer and Personal Record (the latter being one of our particular favorites), are incredibly well-wrought pop gems, with intelligent lyrics, grabbing melodies and superb playing throughout.  To get a feel, check out some of our favorite songs of hers below (though there are many more).  And get ye to Velvet Jones tomorrow night (tickets HERE).

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