Watch Laura Marling Drawn to Windows

Mar 24th, 2015 in Music


NPR projected a sublime series at SXSW this year entitled South X Lullaby, during which they asked various artists to close out their Austin-filled nights.  You know: late.  And unadorned.

A particularly compelling segment from the series featured Brit singer-songwriter Laura Marling, who has recently begun channeling Joni Mitchell while  displaying evocative guitar-playing acuity.  Watch below as Marling performs Walk Alone, a late-night paen for peace from her phenomenal new album Short Movie.

Marling first sings of not needing a God or master, or anything really.  And then at 1:46 her eyes are drawn above to (stained-glass) windows and to who-knows-what.  At that point, and for the remainder, she can’t take her eyes off the inspiration.  Marling is a rare talent.  May she thrive.

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