If You Want Beauty and Brilliant Drumming: Check Out New Super-Band Pfarmers’ Track “The Ol’ River Gang”

Apr 9th, 2015 in Music


Evidently “armed with a single microphone and an iPhone,” The National’s percussionist Bryan Devendorfer has been gathering material for a while for a new super-band dubbed Pfarmers.  The band features several of our favorites, including the core of Devendorfer, Menomena’s Danny Seim, and horn player David Nelson (Sufjan Stevens, Beirut, St. Vincent/David Byrne).  Pfarmers will later this spring release their debut album, Gunnera, on Jurassic Pop.

About the album, Seim says:  “The record is about a dream I had where I’m reluctantly accepting a fear of drowning by focusing on being reincarnated as a giant Gunnera plant, which thrive on the banks of rivers (specifically the Jordan River, i.e., the Biblical promised land) after I paint myself gold and sink to the bottom like the El Dorado of South American folklore.”  Well OK then.

To get a feel, listen below to a fantastic new track entitled The Ol’ River Gang.  We love everything about this cut:  Seim’s Peter Gabriel-esque vocals and synthesizer-play, Nelson’s layered, contrapuntal horns, and especially Devendorfer’s now-standard drum/percussion extravaganza (Devendorfer has, in our humble opinions, eclipsed the estimable Mick Fleetwood and Glenn Kotche with this and other efforts).  This track also has the added, sizzling guitar-play of Shugo Tokumaru.  It’s all wrapped up in a mesmerizing, multi-layered attack that draws you in and won’t let go.  Repeat number 21 about to begin.  The song bodes incredibly well for the rest of the album, and we can’t wait.

You can pre-order the new album HERE.

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