Listen to Desaparecidos (Conor Oberst) New Song of the Week “City On The Hill” Off New Album

Apr 6th, 2015 in Music


For those that’ve seen or heard Conor Oberst spit lyrics with vehement venom, today was a dream day.  Whether on his own or as a part of Bright Eyes, Oberst has always slathered the stage in estimable slicks. With some artists, it might seem only a surface show.  But with Oberst it has always felt real and oh so right, harkening back to the gifted gobbing of yore.

Getting back to today, Oberst and his other desperate Desaparecidos have released a phenomenal new song, City On The Hill, and announced they are at long last releasing a new album, Payola, their first in thirteen (13!) years. Longtime Oberst collaborator Mike Mogis produced.

Oh how we love this song.  Check it out below.  While others have inexplicably ascribed certain influences (Rolling Stone says Tommy Tutone. Huh?  Conor, you really need to stop granting those idiots interviews–really? the 867-5309 band??), we give you just one:  Husker DuHusker Du and the other Twin City bands laid the foundation and Oberst and crew desperately build on top of it with City On The Hill.  We can’t stop it from repeating.  Please don’t make it stop.

“We could sing together in America”! Let’s do! “We’ll all get rich in America!!!!”  Please, do define rich.

Many have forgotten the depth of artistry on Oberst’s Saddle Creek RecordsDesaparecidos are one of many great, semi-unheralded artists on the label that includes Cursive, The Faint, The Good Life (!!), Now It’s Overhead and Son Ambulance.  Go there now.

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