Watch Chilly Gonzalez Put Hozier In His Place (Court Not Church)

Sep 28th, 2015 in Music


A good part of current pop music (Adele, Sam Smith, etc.) almost always gives us the sensation that we’ve heard good portions of it before.  This might explain the spate of copyright infringement lawsuits currently afflicting the music industry.  While there’s nothing new under the sun, modern artists (and their hired-gun songwriters) might try a little harder.

We always sensed something about Hozier’s Take Me To Church that reminded us of another song/artist, but we couldn’t put our finger on it until today when Chilly Gonzalez pointed out (in his latest Pop Music Masterclass video) that Hozier’s song is at least a partial rip-off of the fantastic Feist’s song, How Come You Never Go There.  Watch below as Gonzalez assays the song’s foundations and its relation to hymns and requiems, and then lets Hozier have it.  Is it any wonder, given that Feist is Gonzalez’s friend and Gonzalez produced and played on Feist’s fantastic album Metals, on which How Come You Never Go There is found?  Apparently Hozier DID go there.

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