Watch Sylvan Re-Imagine “H.S.K.T.” at Moog Sound Lab Session

Sep 23rd, 2015 in Music

Sylan Moog

One of 2014’s Best New Artists, Sylvan Esso have continued their takeover of radios and labs around the globe (combining the two, at bottom check out their tune Jamie’s Song done for a recent Radiolab episode).  Today they released their return to the Moog Sound Lab to re-imagine H.S.K.T from their 2014 debut album.  For all you synthesizer/production geeks, Moog Sound Lab had this to say about the Sylvan Esso session:   “Using Ableton Live to route MIDI messages to an array of analog synthesizers, Nick Sanborn controls his Minitaur for basslines as well as a tower of Minimoog Voyager Rack Mount Editions to produce H.S.K.T.’s percussive track. Ableton’s master MIDI clock locks the arpeggiator tempo of a Moog Sub 37, which all ran through an MF-104M Analog Delay. Vocalist Amelia Meath played a Werkstatt running through the Minifooger Delay, and sang through another MF-104M Analog Delay. Nick then sequenced the whole thing with his Akai APC40. The only prerecorded sound was a loop of of Amelia singing ‘wanna get’ from the original track.”

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