The Great Songs: “A Girl Called Johnny” by the Waterboys

Nov 12th, 2015 in Music

Ireland’s Waterboys are among the greatest rock bands to come out of the Isles.  You could point to a thousand confirming facets, but this is the one that’s struck us when we went down the rabbit hole: A Girl Called Johnnyoff of their eponymous album debut in 1983 (before they would blow up with ’84’s Pagan Place and ’85’s This Is The Sea (now there’s a startlingly good three years and album trio).  A Girl Called Johnny was a tribute, as is much of post-1974 music, to Patti Smith, and a seminal rocker of extraordinary strength.  This one’s got both Mike Scott and Karl Wallinger (World Party, on piano).  Simply slaughtering while strutting.  Just like Patti.

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