Words Cannot Express–Paris Part II: Charlie Haden and Quartet West’s “First Song”

Nov 16th, 2015 in Music


In addition to the new Thundercat homage we posted earlier today, we took solace this weekend (and always) in one of the greatest songs ever written: the late jazz-composer Charlie Haden’s First Song. The song has been covered ad infinitum, but our favorite remains his Quartet West recording with the nonpareil Ernie Watts, Alan Broadbent, and Larance Marable.  While it may have been written for Haden’s wife, in First Song we hear a relatively simple, but haunting melody, that moves through many moods.  In the aftermath of Paris, for us it moves from heavyhearted torment, to anger, to soulful wonderment, and then, peaceful resolve.  May you so resolve.  Peace be to Paris.

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